WAVERIDER - Recycling installation for DOMOTEX 2019



In tomorrow’s bright future, Homo sapiens will have reversed climate change and be living in harmony with nature. The global
ecosystem will be stable, the air will be clean and all oceans will be free from pollution.

As far off as this utopia may seem, humanity can achieve it through education, science and research and, not least, digitization
and Artificial Intelligence.

The WAVERIDER installation is formed by a massive wave of recycled needled carpet. A perfect wave that symbolizes the
future use of resources. WAVERIDER is an interactive installation; in order to spread the knowledge about sustainability in the world, the visitors are
asked to have their picture taken on the surfboard and to put the photos on their social media.
A trade show like the DOMOTEX is the perfect place to meet people from all over the world, especially manufacturers, and
sensitize them to topics like #oceanplastic.









more pictures coming soon