,,Konstantin Landuris

The international working artist and designer Konstantin Landuris founded his own studio in spring 2013.
Konstantin Landuris and his team are working on a versatile range of branches. They are developing either art projects as well as industrial products, furniture, lightings and interior architecture.

Born in 1979 of German and Greece ancestry, Konstantin Landuris studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 2007, together with a former fellow student, he founded the design studio “hansandfranz”, where he has designed furniture, luminaires and spatial installations for companies such as Stone Island, Bernhardt Design USA, Mini, Kundalini, and the Bayerischer Hof hotel.
Konstantin graduated 2010 as a diplom-ingenieur of interior architecture. In 2013 he set up his own studio Konstantin Landuris Studio.

Together with Alexander Deubl and Christian Muscheid, forms the art trio super+, which never fails to surprise with unusual activities and installations – for example “Phoenix”, an inflated structure made of satellite foil, adhesive strip and helium, and recently the exhibition space “SwingSwing” in Maximilianstrasse in Munich, where the trio is currently exhibiting together with Ingo Maurer. Landuris is represented by the gallery Filser & Gräf in Munich.

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